Here's what some of the people we've worked with have to say about us:

Jess has been a tremendous help to Breezie over the last few months in her role as a consultant social media expert. With little previous social presence for Breezie, Jess defined our strategy and has also ensured we test and learn so that we continually optimise our approach. Jess is also a wealth of growth hacking opportunities and ideas which help drive our presence and growth.

Fiona Coles - Head of Marketing at Breezie, a startup making the Internet easier for older users in partnership with Age UK and Samsung, a long-term client of LMW Labs

Jessica has a brilliant, creative approach towards brand strategy and communication and is simply one of the most knowledgeable social media gurus you could hope to work with, which, combined with her commercial expertise, makes her the ideal partner for any stage of a startup's life.

Philli Boyle - Founder of Festivaleyes, a festival fashion startup, who we've been helping with growing Facebook and Instagram communities integrated with ecommerce since day 1

I found Jessica a fantastic asset as a consultant. Jessica came highly recommended and provided concise, insightful and relevant insight into an overall social media strategy. I found her inspiring to collaborate with, I really enjoyed her enthusiasm and also her realistic and pragmatic approach in this early stage of my new business. Jessica instilled a great deal of confidence in me, and her knowledge is obviously grounded in a robust understanding of her discipline. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to partner with her.

Wendy Robinson - Founder of A House By The Sea, a lifestyle, wellbeing and travel startup that we helped with early-stage social media consultancy

Jessica's not only a Twitter guru, Jessica is a strategy mastermind - her advice and guidance has helped me massively with my startup and finding product-market fit. She'd be a real asset to any team and do trust her judgment because she knows what she's talking about - even outside of her social media remit.

Nina Tumanishvili - Founder of HelloHub, a new app for making the local more social, who we've worked with through idea, pivot and the earliest funding stages

Cross Jaron Lanier with Joan Jett and you get Jess Riches – the most accomplished and elegant social strategist I’ve had the pleasure of hiring. 

With Jess comes three guarantees: (1) she’ll teach you something new about yourself and your business, (2) she’ll entertain you and make you laugh, (3) she’ll smash any KPIs you dare to set.

In this day and age, who could ask for more?

Dan Drage – Social Lead at Things Unlimited, a content agency that's part of PR giant Nelson Bostock Group

Just when you think you’ve mastered the concepts behind social media, any conversation with Jess starts there and zooms off into unknown territory. She has not just an innate grasp of the potential of social media, but has been ahead of the curve on all the developments.

As a student activist she already had clear grasp of the essentially tactical nature of all social media comms: that a meme is not an image, its a reaction to an image; that downloadable knowledge forms a base of assumptions among young people; that the second screen is not anti-social but hypersocial. She’s a great verbal communicator too, when you can get her off her smartphone!

Paul Mason – Economics Editor at Channel 4 News (formerly BBC Newsnight) who wrote about Jess in his book

I’m not at all a natural twit, I don’t want to share what I had for breakfast and I’m not mad to have trolls in my hair. So I resisted pressure from Jessica for literally months before she finally wore me down. And of course she was right. I still won’t talk about my breakfast, but as a tool for spreading the word Twitter has been a big plus – and she knew that better than anyone, and made it happen. Jessica is relentless, charming, clever and eccentric, but right.

Hugh Grant – Actor and Director of the Hacked Off Campaign where Jess led on social media

Jess has an unparalleled knowledge of the social media wilderness, making her the perfect guide. Her unique creativity, her engaging presentation skills and her all round friendly personality has helped on many of my research projects.

Oliver Conner – Head of Research at OnePoll, where we worked on developing a research option for startups

Jessica's session was highly engaging and covered social media in a really approachable way, especially for those in the team who had little experience in the field. It was extra appreciated that the second part of the session was focused on task solving and group exercises directly related to our work – some of the ideas that came up we even ended up implementing!

Joanna Kindeberg - Digital Producer at Goldsmiths University where we ran a training programme